THE ALEXANDER FARM in Pilot Knob, Texas, was founded in 1847 by the then-enslaved and renowned horse breeder and trainer Daniel Alexander. The farm with its family cemetery was passed down from generation to generation and is still managed by his direct descendants today. As such, the Alexanders are among the founding African American families of Austin, and the farm is one of the most historic in Travis County. This website exists to celebrate and protect the family legacy of place and history that is THE ALEXANDER FARM. 



The Alexander Farm

September 20,  2022

"To Texas transportation officials, expanding U.S. 183 is a chance to alleviate congestion south of Austin. But to the Alexander family, it’s a threat to the land they’ve vowed for generations to protect."

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Vincent T. Davis

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The Alexander Farm has been owned and operated by the Alexander family for 175 years. The Alexanders are fighting subdivision developer encroachment and efforts by the Texas Department of Transportation to expand U.S. Highway 183 through their ancestral land under eminent domain.

Charlie Blalock/ Contributor

The Alexander Farm



Mr. Biden Tear Down This Freeway

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