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Colton Road in re-naming process to 'Daniel Alexander Way' to honor noted Black "race horse man"
Daily operations at Alexander family farm
Race horse training track remains

Remains of 19th c. horse race-training track on Alexander property.

Beef cattle in pasture have sequestered carbon with their grazing for 175 years and counting

Livestock grazing helps combat climate change.

Cistern at Alexander family farm
Soon-to-be-renovated dairy barn on THE ALEXANDER FARM.
19th c. Waystation was a wedding gift to Marcellus, Sr. and Juanita by his parents

The house is undergoing renovation as its long, storied history is explored.

Front Cedar Porch invites southerly breezes on the hottest of Texas days
Within the cedar porch at THE ALEXANDER FARM homestead

Austin premier Black -owned preservation architecture firm, Donna Carter and Associates, provided renovation advice and counsel for The House We Grew Up In.

Milton Winston Alexander and Velma McNeil-Alexander's home

The 19th-Century home was likely built by Milton Winston Alexander and his wife, Helen Carpenter—if not by progenitor Daniel Alexander and his wife, Emeline Adams.

Daniel Alexander eternal resting place at the farm's Alexander Cemetery.

Alexander Cemetery, the resting place of generations of Alexanders, is also threatened by TxDOT's proposed highway expansion.

Alexander Cemetery
Alexander family exhibit of Founding Families at Carver Museum, Austin, TX
Marcellus Winston Alexander, Sr.

Marcellus, Sr. worked with his father, Milton Everett Alexander, in building and operating the dairy farm. He is the father of the current Alexander descendants who maintain and operate the farm today.

The Alexander Farm since 1847

The portraits of Juanita and Marcellus Alexander, Sr. are prominent. The scene depicts the horse racing and livestock enterprises that have sustained the Alexander Family for 175 years and counting. The portraits with scenery were drawn by Richard Hasselrig.

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